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In Disc One of this 2 CD set, National Sales Director, Cyndee Gress teaches Sales Directors how to help new Consultants with their initial inventory decisions in integrity.

Starting Them Off Right 2 CD Set

  • She explains the reasoning behind having this important, others-focused conversation, and details what topics the conversation should include. Cyndee also leads you step-by-step down all of the possible roads this discussion may take you, and helps you learn how to best guide them on each of those roads. Use the tips and strategies Cyndee gives to be able lead your personal and unit members through the creation of a business plan that is right for them and will bring them the success they're looking for! In Disc Two, Executive Senior Sales Director, Jenny McNulty role plays through what the inventory discussion with new Consultants sounds like. She goes thru the entire conversation so you can do it "for real" with the utmost confidence. She covers the topics of getting your business started off right, including setting up a bank account and how to accept payment, potential customers, and leading them through an inventory decision based on their goals, hopes, and dreams.
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