Tina Hulsman started her business in June, 1997 and became a Sales Director in August, 2003.


In her first year as a director, she became an Honors Society Sales Director, and has since completed the Court of Sharing three times, the Court of Sales four times, has been a double-star winner once and a triple-star winner three times.


She is an eight-time star sales director and has earned the use of seven career cars, four of which have been the prestigious Pink Cadillac.  She most recently earned her first Cadillac Escalade when she became a National Sales Director.


Prior to becoming a National, Tina earned the Top Director trip in the Cyndee Gress National Area for nine consecutive years, vacationing in beautiful Puerto Vallarta seven times and most recently, Puerto Rico twice.  Since becoming a National, she has traveled to beautiful Beijing, China, Maui, Hawaii and London, England, Portugal and Spain, Argentina and will soon explore Ancient Rome with her sister Nationals!


Tina was Miss Go Give in the Cyndee Gress National Area for 2005, and was honored as Mary Kay’s Miss Go-Give for March 2013.


Her unit was the Number 1 unit in the Gress National Area for two consecutive years, completing the $550,000 Unit Circle of Achievement twice.


Her highest commission check to date has been over $19,000.


She is married to her High School Sweetheart, Officer Chris for 32 years.  They have 4 children -- Gregory (29), Jennifer (26), Danielle (21), and Christopher (17).


Tina says, “Success in Mary Kay is not for the CHOSEN... it is for those who CHOOSE... I am so happy that I chose to keep going.  You must never quit.  There will be peaks and valleys with everyting in life and in business.  Enjoy the peaks... work though the valleys... and bask in the success that will come your way.”