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Booking facials and classes is the core of your Mary Kay business…so, why not be a MASTER of BOOKING?

Mastering the Art of Booking - 2 CD Set

  • This CD will teach you how to book easily, how to book consistently and how to get people to want to book with you. Cyndee takes you through the psychology behind booking, helps get you motivated to book – regardless of your personality type – and lays out a step-by-step plan of how to run your Mary Kay business full-circle through a mastery of booking. “Booking without boundaries” is at the heart of this CD: learning how to motivate yourself, stay motivated, and to create booking goals based on your own wants and desires. By the end of this CD, you’ll be in the booking “zone” and ready to propel your Mary Kay business forward. And, you’ll know what to do when things don’t go your way, because Cyndee will explain how to shift your mental attitude and your physical behaviors to shift yourself into successfully booking time and time again. Of course, Cyndee also trains on booking a show from a show as well as putting together the perfect guest list, tweaking your image and multiplying your business through booking strategies. Not to be missed, “Mastering the Art of Booking” is a CD that will boost your Mary Kay business and create a more confident, dynamic consultant in you.
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