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This DVD is a 'How To' course that covers everything you need to know at the start of your Mary Kay business.  Please click on the Downloads tab on this site for the companion handouts.

Live Skin Care Class DVD

  • It will remain a valuable tool to you and your team as you grow in your business. The Live Skin Care Class is the companion to all the training you will get from your director and success meetings. Amazing Top Directors from the Gress National Area will walk with you step by step, starting with a detailed description of what tools and supplies are in your starter kit box, tips on the importance and the 'how to' of pre-profiling , and all the printable handouts available from this site, to the skin care class live DVD. Then, National Sales Director, Cyndee Gress, takes you through the whole experience of the Skin Care Class, including how to prepare for your class, your professional image, how to arrive and set up for your skin care class, and finally, the Skin Care Class, LIVE!! Complete with all her very unique and valuable tips on everything from body language, to bringing the fun, to remaining others- focused. The Table Close and the Individual Close are also broken down in detail by sales directors who have mastered these skills that are necessary for you to achieve that 'perfect appointment' every time. This DVD was meant for you to have and to watch over and over and over, so that you can have the brilliance and abundance that Mary Kay had intended for all of us. In the Final Step, you will find a message from Cyndee and the key to how to become a Master at what we do. This is a must have DVD for every beauty consultant in The Gress National Area. The Skin Care Class is the vehicle for serving the world, through lipstick, blush and eye shadow!
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