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This CD is Higher Level Training for those Consultants ready to "UP THEIR GAME".  It will help you master 3 incredibly important areas of the Skin Care Class:

And Then Some CD

  • 1. The Referral Game. Executive Senior Sales Director, Jenny McNulty, estimates 75% of the women she meets with at her facials and parties shares their friends with her! Want to make that happen for YOU? In this section of the CD, Jenny shares the SECRETS of making this game an absolute success. Eliminate any nervousness or hesitancy that's keeping you from dominating this part of the class, and learn how to make it FUN & GET RESULTS! Jenny outlines in detail the thought-process behind the Referral Game and then gives step-by-step ways to execute it. 2. Booking Classes From Classes. Sales Director, Andrea Korb, teaches you on a topic that she says, "literally changed her life" once she mastered it. She ONLY booked classes from classes for 2 consecutive years, with virtually no other outside bookings, and achieved a Power Start every single month of those years! Think of how much more TIME you will have to work your business, or spend with your family, or spend time doing something you love if you can dramatically decrease the time you spend making booking calls. And picture what your DATEBOOK will look like when you book classes from classes from classes forevermore. 3. Handing Out the Power of Your Life DVD. Senior Sales Director, Leslie List, will help you overcome anything you have going on in your brain that is keeping you from offering EVERY WOMAN YOU SIT DOWN WITH the chance to learn about our amazing business opportunity. Learn brilliant tips on how to be prepared -- mentally, emotionally, and physically -- to put this phenomenal tool to work for you. Truly work your business FULL-CIRCLE...just like Mary Kay asked us to do. Get ready for abundance...And Then Some!
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