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$100 Red Jacket Bonus

Now through June 30, 2021

This awesome bonus offer has now been extended!  So it REALLY has never been a better time to be a Red Jacket!  You’re making connections, earning money, and you can receive a one-time* $100 Red Jacket Bonus.  To build on your Great Start momentum, you can see even more rewards from team-building when you achieve red jacket status.**


Through June 30, 2021, all first-time Red Jacket achievers will receive a one-time $100 Red Jacket Bonus.  A Red Jacket is a Star Team Builder, Team Leader or Elite Team Leader.


To be eligible to earn the $100 Red Jacket Bonus during the promotional period, an Independent Beauty Consultant or Senior Beauty Consultant must be active, and it must be the first time she has ever had at least three active personal team members at the end of any month.  This bonus only applies to Independent Beauty Consultants and Senior Beauty Consultants who have never achieved red jacket status before.  The $100 Red Jacket Bonus will only be paid the first time the bonus requirements are met.

PLUS, when an active Independent Beauty Consultant through Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director adds a first-time Red Jacket (Star Team Builder, Team Leader or Elite Team Leader) to her personal team, she will earn a one-time $100 Red Jacket Team-Building Bonus for each first-time Red Jacket!

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It's STILL Rewarding to Be in RED!

And You Can Build Your Team for EXTRA Bonuses! 

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